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sailing trip

Story by Johannes Huwe May 2nd, 2015
Our sailing trip started on the French island of Martinique and continued for two weeks in a southerly direction past the islands of St. Lucia and St. Vincent to our destination in the Tobago Cays. We spent the first night getting our sea legs on board the boat in Martinique. The next day we set sail for St. Lucia. As soon as we left the leeward side of the island of Martinique, we ran into the strong trade winds blowing at over 25 knots from the east, putting the seaworthiness of the team to the test. Once we were securely anchored in our bay in St. Lucia, we were rewarded with a uniquely beautiful sunset.
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As we made our way across the sea, we were frequently accompanied by curious companions on the high seas. A group of more than ten dolphins swam close by until we reached the next bay where we were seeking a sheltered spot to drop anchor.


Tobago keys

The Tobago Cays are a group of five small islands 2.2 kilometers east of the inhabited island of Mayreau. The Tobago Cays are a special highlight for those sailing and diving in the Caribbean as the islands are protected by the Horse Shoe Reef and provide an ideal place to set anchor. This large coral reef surrounds four of the islands like a horseshoe-shaped rampart and largely keeps back the swells of the Atlantic. All five of the Tobago Cays are uninhabited, although many so-called boat boys work there to serve the needs of tourists sailing through.

St. Lucia

The next island we visited was the island nation of St. Lucia. Here we left the boat anchored in the bay for a few days and explored the island. Even from a distance, the island is by recognizable for its two striking volcanic cones on the island‘s south side. Some of the sights we visited included a botanical garden and a “drive-in“ volcano.

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During the day, we rested from the warm, humid climate and relaxed on our catamaran…

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St. Lucia Drive-In volcano

Who wouldn‘t want to drive a car into a volcano! Impossible? Not on St. Lucia! The island is home to the so-called Soufriere “drive-in“ volcano, which is unique for having a crater that you can indeed actually drive into. The last major eruption blew away about a third of the mountain, opening it up to vehicles. Boiling water and bubbling mud holes line the road in. And the air is full with sulfuric mist.

Streets of Soufriere

But we also took the dinghy several times to Soufriere, the former capital of St. Lucia.

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At the end of our trip, we had travelled 350 nautical miles. We were glad to have solid ground under our feet again and we enjoyed the last sunset in Martinique before the plane took us back home…